Many people don’t like to wear their holsters while driving their car and you may not always be able to carry your weapon as you get into, or out of your car. Considering such a plethora of situations, dedicated car holsters are a great way to stay safe on the road . Here we’ll talk about different types of car holsters and the great features available.

Best Car Holsters of 2020 | Complete Buyers Guide

Best Car Holsters of 2020 | Complete Buyers GuideMany people don’t like to wear their holsters while driving their car and you may not always be able to carry your weapon as you get into, or out of your car. Considering such a plethora of situations, dedicated car holsters are a great way to stay safe on the road . Here we’ll talk about different types of car holsters and the great features available. We will also talk about the precautions and actions you must take when you get pulled over by law enforcement officers while you’re carrying a weapon in a car holster. Finally, we have outlined and reviewed the best car holsters on the market to help you with your buying decision. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Car Holsters OUR TOP PICK: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount PUG Handgun Holster Mount BEST BUDGET OPTION: Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster Comparison of the Best Car Holsters IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick RYMMES "Gun Magnet Mount" Holder Made from lightweight, durable rubber Designed to hold objects up to 45 pounds Intends to hold concealed carry pistol holsters View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) Small Size High-Power Neodymium Magnets Mount Any Firearm Anywhere Veteran Owned Company With Lifetime Warranty "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount Hidden Screw Holes and Protective Coating Allows for chambering a round while dismounting Solid Mount for Both Small and Large Handguns View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews PUG "Handgun Holster Mount" For Use With Holsters and Pouches Having Clips Screws Tightly to The Surface Leaves Enough Room For Attaining Proper Grip View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount Adjustable Mounting Base for Holsters and Other Attachments Makes the Gun Quick and Easy to Access For Holsters and Items With Belt Clips View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount 35lb-Rated Powerful Magnet for Guns Scratch-Resistant Shockproof Finish Can Be Mounted Anywhere In Car, Home, or Office View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Ride Ready "Ambidextrous Genuine Leather" Car Holster Steering Column Holster for Easy and Quick Access Concealable Design for Secure and Non-Offensive Carrying Mounts Easily Without any Holes or Scars View Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Features That Make a Great Car Holster As with any other product, a car holster has some qualities which make it great and effective. These include: Easy to Mount A good car holster must be easy to mount. It must be compatible with different types of surfaces and should not take much time for installation. Furthermore, the installation and function of the holster should also be reliable. A car holster must also be easy to conceal, so as to prevent any curious passersby, co-occupants, or burglars to view it. Quick Access A good car holster must provide quick access. Things can get out of control within the blink of an eye. Your car holster must ensure easy accessibility and a proper draw so you can attain the quickest response time. Secure (Doesn’t Fall Out) A good car holster should securely hold your gun into place. A weapon may drop out of the holster or magnet mounts on bumpy roads, while off-roading, or driving over potholes. Magnetic Gun Holder ( Source ) A good holster must ensure the gun doesn’t fall out, so you don’t have to search for it and also to prevent accidental discharge or damage to your weapon. How Does a Car Holster Work? A car holster can be attached to some areas of your vehicle that may allow for excellent concealability and keeping your pistol out of plain sight. You can attach your pistol underneath the steering wheel, between the console, or in your glovebox among other places. A car holster will be low-profile and will be best used if you intend to conceal carry in your vehicle. Quick Take - The Best Car Holsters These are our recommendations for the best car holsters: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) ​MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount Review of the Best Car Holsters Below is a list of the best car holsters that are available on the market. While going through the list, be sure to find a car holster that will allow for the best concealability possible. Placement will be important, so find a holster that will be fitting of exactly where you want to put it in your car. Also, take note of any features or characteristics that stand out as interesting to you. Now, let’s take a look at the first car holster on our list: Based on the qualities mentioned above, we have handpicked and reviewed the best car holsters on the market. These holsters are the best in their category and conform to the best specification and qualities. The list below includes some of the best deals on the market, offering you exceptional value for money. Best Overall: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Super durable construction Gives pistols and holsters an excellent hold Easy to attach and store in places like car door handles Works with any pistol Comes with additional screws and adhesives for easy installation Cons Some drilling may need to be required for installation Adhesive may not do a good enough job of holding the magnet What Recent Buyers Report One of the major things that stood out as impressive was the power of the magnet being able to hold the pistol in place. Furthermore, they were able to place this just about anywhere in the vehicle where it will allow for easy concealability. They’ve placed this under steering wheels, between the seat and the console, and even inside the console itself. One user said he had such a hard time choosing where to put it because he had so many options. But he ended up placing it under the steering wheel. Why it Stands Out to Us While not entirely a holster, it’s a couple of magnets that are powerful enough to keep a pistol secure and intact. Which means it won’t shift or move around on its own. The magnets are encased in high-quality rubber which is intended to protect the pistol you choose from any scratches or scuffs. Of course, the installation will be a breeze because all you have to do is stick it on to the desired location. If you know your pistol is going to keep out of sight in a specific spot of your vehicle, then you know where to install it. This gun magnet holster is considered one of the most discreet concealed carry accessories on the market. These are designed to stick in some hidden areas where you carry your pistol (when it’s not attached to your waist or belt). This magnet can be attached under your driver’s seat, one of your car doors, or can be attached in your home in a secure area like a kitchen cabinet or under your bed. The magnet isn’t just strong when it comes to holding itself in place. It can handle almost any concealed carry pistol you can think of when it’s attached to its holster. So if you have a Glock 19 or smaller pistols like a Walther P22, the magnet might be able to handle them. In fact, the magnet itself can handle up to 45 pounds in weight. While there are not too many guns that weigh that much, you know that it’s strong enough to hold some heavy-duty guns (so long if they can fit. Who Will Use This Most This magnet will be perfect for those looking for something that is simple and easy to set up. It is without question one of the easiest go-to options for carrying a pistol in your vehicle without all the extra material. It doesn’t matter which pistol you own if you have magnets like this and a car with a good amount of hiding spots they will certainly give you the edge over anywhere who may be stupid enough to threaten your life. Bottom Line The Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holder is probably the one great alternative compared to regular holsters or any car holsters that will fit in small spaces. But make sure you place it in a good hiding spot so you are able to know where it is at all times (and you can take any attacker by surprise. If you want to take concealed carry to the next level, the Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holster will definitely be the must-have accessory for your home or automobile. If you can’t keep your pistol holstered and attached to your belt, at least you have an alternative of where to store it just in case you need it. Runner-up: Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Adhesive Backing Lifetime Warranty 25 lbs Weight Tolerance Compact Size and Easy to Conceal Rubber Coated With Recessed Screw Hole Easy to Install and Includes Mounting Screws Cons Small Surface Area Requires drilling into your cars interior "What Recent Buyers" Report These magnets were a hit with many buyers and for a good reason. They were easily compatible with most pistols of any given size. Full-sized, compact, or subcompact the new users were able to put them to good use in just about any blind spot their vehicle had. One user even put his compact pistol inside the console so he could easily access it in the event that he needed to. Why it Stands Out to Us Once again, we take a look at a pair of gun magnets that will be fitting in just about any spot you can find in your vehicle’s interior. This time, it will have the ability to handle so many pistols across many different sizes. They can even handle some of the heavier pistols. In fact, it can hold up to 25 pounds in weight. If that isn’t impressive for a couple of magnets, we’re not sure what is. The magnets are coated so the pistols you own are well protected and won’t be scratched or damage when you are drawing or replacing them back on the magnet. The Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet is probably the most minimalist and intelligently designed car holster on the market. The gun magnets come in a two pack, where the mount is simply a neodymium magnet the size of a quarter. The mount has a recessed hole in its center which can be used to drill a screw on any surface to make it even more secure. Additionally, the mount has an adhesive backing to help you stick it before installation, or just to check various mounting places. The mount has a rubber coating which protects your weapon from any scratches. Preferred locations for mounting a gun in your vehicle are inside the glove box and under the steering wheel. These mounts can also be used to store long rifles like the AK-47. So it is a complete win-win. Who Will "Use This Most" This will be the perfect magnet for anyone that might be looking for a great accessory for pistol owners. No, it’s not a regular holster. But you can best make sure that it will make any other holster look silly for using all that extra material. If you want something that will be really quick to draw and super easy to install, this is what you need. Bottom Line "The Tacticon Halo" Gun Magnet is without a doubt one of the best options you can find if you want to conceal carry your pistol in your vehicle. You’ll have plenty of spots to place these magnets, which in turn will lead to excellent overall concealability. Super durable and easy to install, it’s nothing worth underestimating. The Halo Gun Magnet is a very compact and easy to install solution for your car carry needs. The magnet is powerful and safe for your weapon. The company also offers a lifetime warranty which is a plus. Considering the price, this pair of gun mount magnets offers the best value for money. Good for compact and mid-sized guns. ​Best for the Money: White Rhino Gun Magnet Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Quick and Easy Access Polymer Coated Design Works With Many Handguns Very Strong Holding Capacity Allows for simultaneous chambering during removal for instant readiness Cons Only fits handguns with a flat-top slide Requires drilling to mount What Recent Buyers Report This holster was  impressive in terms of quality and performance for most users. Not only were they easy to install, but they were also able to hold numerous pistols of various sizes. Even one user said that one pistol that was a bit heavy when fully loaded was able to hold when placed on these magnets. He said they were a perfect fit when it was attached to the steering column of his truck. Why it Stands Out to Us Unlike the previous gun magnet that we’ve reviewed, this mount has a special feature. Once your handgun is inserted, there's a protrusion that holds the slide still - allowing you to chamber a round by just pushing down on the grip. Users really appreciated the ability to rack one into their chamber upon removal. As always, it’s coated to protect the pistol from any damage. On top of that, you can easily install this in as little as five minutes. The Mytypemag holster is a flat, rectangular, strong neodymium magnet, which can be mounted on any surface using four screws. The magnet mount can hold weights up to 50 pounds which makes it perfect for mounting large frame pistols and revolvers. The strong magnet grip holds securely even on a bumpy road which ensures your firearm will not drop. The magnet is coated with a polymer to prevent it from scratching your gun and is thick enough to allow your fingers to easily grab the weapon. This magnet mount is safe for prolonged use as it won’t polarize your gun. It can be mounted at a position most convenient to you. Who Will Use This Most This will be a gun magnet for those looking for an option that doesn't just hold their weapon close, but allows them to be at the ready even faster. The quality is great and the hold is quite strong, to say the least. Simply put, it’s what a gun magnet is supposed to do. If you want to fit this under your steering wheel, the glovebox, or wherever else this is the gun magnet you may want to consider purchasing. Bottom Line The White Rhino Gun Magnet Mount is one of the most affordable options that you can find just about anywhere else on the market. You can hide your pistol out of plain sight and still be able to have a safe drive and be confident in knowing that you can carry just about anywhere you go in order to keep yourself safe. The Mytypemag Mount is a safe and reliable car magnet mount. It has a huge holding capacity and is properly coated to keep your weapon secure. Magnet mounts are easy to conceal so that’s obviously an advantage. The magnet is also decently priced, offering good value for money. Best Car Seat Holster: "Vehicle Holster Multi" -Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Adjustable Offers Quick and Easy Access Compatible With Most Holsters Offers High Levels of Concealment Doesn’t Cause Permanent Damage For Installation Cons Problematic With Some Kydex Holsters Can Feel Tight To People With Big Hands What Recent Buyers Report New users were able to attach this pistol between the driver’s seat and the console of their vehicle, thus giving it the perfect place for pistols to be concealed. They said that they had plenty of storage space for their pistols and the installation of the mount was super quick and easy. The hold was a lot stronger than they expected but allowed for easy dismounting according to one user. Why it Stands Out to Us If there is one good place where you can store a pistol, it would be the space in between the driver’s seat and the console. Yes, it may not look like a good amount of space. But it can certainly be nice to store a pistol there so you can keep it out of sight and know that you are prepared for what might be unthinkable. Danger can happen in any given situation. And you may be driving and minding your own business in the process. If you need a holster that will be kept close by and allow you easy access just in case you need it quickly, this mount will probably be the best go-to option for anyone looking to maximize their concealability. The multi-mount vehicle holster features an intelligent and innovative design. The mount can be installed beside the car’s seat and center console and can be adjusted as you adjust your seat. The multi-mount works with holsters and accessories with belt clips, making it convenient to carry guns, knives, cell phones, and other accessories. The holster keeps items positioned within driver’s reach at all times for quick accessibility. The mount works with many holsters so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one. Additionally, this mount offers exceptional concealment, thus protecting your gun from any prying or curious eyes. Who Will Use This Most If you are a concealed carry user that wants to keep a pistol out of plain sight with other occupants in your vehicle, then this mount might be the best possible option. After all, you want to be the only one who is aware that you are carrying (and not anyone who is riding along with you assuming that they don’t know). If anyone else riding with you knows that you carry in your vehicle, they’ll probably feel at peace knowing that they’ll be well-protected. Bottom Line The Vehicle Multi-Mount will probably be one of the better options for anyone who wants to be really serious about conceal carrying a pistol. It’s no secret that this is what every pistol owner wants. And if you want to discreetly carry without anyone else in your vehicle knowing, then you may want to consider putting your hard-earned money into a mount like this. The multi-mount holster is perfect to conceal your weapon next to your seat, so you can access it very quickly. The mount can be adjusted for height and position respective to the seat. The mount works with metal clip holsters only, so please check the product if you have a Kydex holster. Best Magnetic Gun Holster for Car: ​ Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Rubber Coated Well Made Mount High Concealment Offers Quick Access 35 lbs weight capacity Cons Heavier Guns Might Fall Out On Bumpy Roads What Recent Buyers Report This magnet was perfect for many of the new buyers. It was able to handle most pistols. In short, it’s the closest thing they could get to a universal type holster. Even the installation was easy to do (with people reporting that it took roughly less than 5 minutes to install the magnets). Overall, the pistols were able to stay intact and did not move around at all when their vehicles were in motion. Why it Stands Out to Us Once again, we take a look at a gun mount that will be able to handle the heavy pistols. And it can handle up to 35 pounds or thereabouts. It’s just another simple to install mount that you can place just about anywhere. And it allows for easy access to your pistol just in case you need to quickly reach for it and prepare for what happens next. It won’t get stuck nor will it allow for any movement if and when you are driving from point A to point B. This magnetic gun mount holster is an effective car holster mount for your weapon. It will help you conceal your weapon properly and will also secure it in place due to its large surface area. The magnet works with all gun brands and models, including rifles and shotguns. Use it beneath your dashboard, beside the seat, center console, or inside your trunk. This gun holster will prove effective and can be used inside your car or inside your home or office. The optimum low profile of the mount ensures that you get a proper grip when drawing the firearm. Who Will Use This Most If you want magnetic mounts at a price that won’t suck the life out of your bank account, you may want to consider purchasing these for yourself (or as a gift for someone who does conceal carry). If you are starting out with carrying a pistol in your vehicle, these will leave a lasting first impression. Indeed, they are excellent in quality and will have a holding power that is unmatchable. Bottom Line The Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount is one of a few high-quality mounts that are affordable and will allow for quick and easy installation. You will have quite the field day with this mount when you are trying to install it somewhere. But once all is said and done, you can store your pistol in a place that no one will know where to look. Keep it out of plain sight and away from prying eyes and rest assured that you will be safe against any dangerous situation you may find yourself in. Magnet mounts are a good way to carry a weapon in your car. This magnet mount eliminates the need to buy a holster and keeps your weapon concealed. The high weight tolerance ensures retention of the weapon so handguns will not easily drop. The mount itself is padded, thus preventing any potential damage to your firearm. The mount is a bit overpriced compared to its counterparts, but its quality and size are still worth the money. Best Ride Ready Car Holster: Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster (Ebay) CHECK LATEST PRICE ON EBAY Pros Easy to Install Ambidextrous Protects the Gun Leather Holster is Durable Offers Limited Concealment No drilling/holes Cons Doesn’t Work With All Cars Holster doesn’t fit accessories What Recent Buyers Report This holster held up pretty good for most users. And they were also able to keep their pistols in place without a single bit of slippage and wiggling around. They also liked the leather material that actually blended in with some of their seat interiors. Other than that, installation took no longer than a few minutes and was easy to adjust to ensure easier access. Why it Stands Out to Us Now, we’ll be taking a look at holsters that include a bit more material than gun mounts. This will be perfect if you want a holster that will be great for concealability but will also do a good job of blending in with your vehicle’s interior. This is mostly designed to fit underneath your seat or in between the driver's seat and the console. It will provide excellent carrying no matter where you go. And if your vehicle comes to an abrupt halt, your pistol will remain in place and won’t fling forward. That’s the beauty of having a holster that keeps your favorite pistol secure no matter where you place it. This Ride Ready car holster is mounted under the steering wheel of your car. It offers quick access and a bit of concealment. The holster is soft on your weapon and is mounted using a nylon strap and it can be replaced if you desire. Moreover, the holster is ambidextrous, meaning you can use it for both right or left hand draw. It is not compatible with vehicles with a steering column airbag and vehicle's molding under the steering wheel must be at least 9" in depth to strap securely. The holster fits most small and large handguns. Who Will Use This Most This will be an excellent holster if you want something that not only carries the pistol safely and with superb retention, but also with a little extra stealth added to the mix. It’s a leather material that is also very sturdy and won’t lose its firmness after a short period of time. You might give this a closer look if this holster looks appealing to you (and if you are impressed with how it functions). Bottom Line The Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster may not be a gun mount, but it’s a holster that will really come in handy if you are carrying a pistol that you rely on for concealed carry purposes. Add this onto your vehicle somewhere where you can reach for it easily and be prepared for any situation where your life may be in danger. "This Ride Ready" car holster is mounted under the steering wheel of your car. It offers quick access and a bit of concealment. The holster is soft on your weapon and is mounted using a nylon strap and it can be replaced if you desire. Moreover, the holster is ambidextrous, meaning you can use it for both right or left hand draw. It is not compatible with vehicles with a steering column airbag and vehicle's molding under the steering wheel must be at least 9" in depth to strap securely. The holster fits most small and large handguns. Ride Ready car holsters are a good idea, especially for women who carry a weapon in their purse. This holster sits right under your steering wheel, giving you a tactical advantage in case of an emergency. It is secured by elastic straps and has a leather holster, which is ambidextrous. Best Car Holster for Car Center Console: PUG Handgun Holster Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Inexpensive Gun Won’t Fall or Drop Out No Need For An Extra holster Compatible With Many Holsters "Offers Quick Access" and Better Spacing Cons Doesn’t Accept Wide Clips "Doesn’t Work With" Most Kydex Holsters What Recent Buyers Report A lot of new users were able to install this mount in no time flat. Once they were successful, they managed to attach one of their favorite holsters to it without any additional fitting issues. Most of them were carrying compact pistols from brands like Smith and Wesson, Glock, or SIG Sauer. So far, they were quite happy with the mount’s ability to keep hold of certain holsters. These were a perfect fit underneath steering columns and in between the seats and console. Why it Stands Out to Us If you have a holster that can attach to this mount, that’s when you’re able to put it to good use. And with a good compact pistol and a holster that can fit it properly, it’s a perfect match. It’s simple to install and won’t take any complicated measures to make sure that your pistol is property placed wherever you want to keep it. Your car’s center console is the perfect place for mounting a holster, as it is easily accessible and is a safe place for your weapon. This PUG handgun holster mount is perfect and extremely user-friendly. The holster mount can be installed using four screws and is made from high-grade polymer. The mount accepts holsters with metal clips up to 1.25” wide. The mount can also be used for knives, mag pouches, walkie-talkies, and any other relevant item. If you are looking for the cheapest car holster mounting option, this holster mount is for you. Who Will Use This Most This will be ideal for those who want to keep their pistols concealed in a holster but are not comfortable with keeping it out in the open using a magnet. And we won’t blame you one bit if you are one of those kinds of people. If you want real concealability without hindering access to your pistol, use this mount to your advantage. It will be well fit for so many compact pistols that are already concealable enough given their size. Bottom Line The PUG Handgun Holster Mount will handle most holsters and will make concealed carrying in your vehicle a lot easier. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other mount on the market that can handle most holsters that will keep itself in place when attached. Just add on your pistol of choice and you’re good to go no matter where you are and how far you have to travel. The PUG holster mount is an affordable, inexpensive, and effective car holster. The mount eliminates the need for a separate holster for your car. The only problem is it doesn’t work with wide belt clips, like those on Alien Gear Kydex Holsters. 7. SaberSouth Military-Grade Gun Magnet (2-pack) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Rubber Coated Easy to Conceal Large Surface Area 40 lbs Holding Strength Works With All Handguns and Many Rifles Cons Might Feel Too Thin Sometimes Might Not Work With Some Rifles What Recent Buyers Report New users were those who tend to carry more than one pistol at a time. So they were quite happy when this included two magnets that were designed to hold each pistol that they owned. One user said that while he carries his primary in a hip holster and his secondary on his ankle, this was one of the best magnets that he’s invested in to ensure that he could be able to keep both pistols near him in case he needed to make a quick decision and choose a pistol to defend himself in a dangerous situation. Others have used one and kept the second as a spare in case they needed it for another vehicle (i.e.--belonging to their spouse). Why it Stands Out to Us This is the closest thing you can get to a rough and tough gun magnet. These are made with high-quality materials that can handle all the bumps, scuffs, scratches, and abuse that you can dish out. It will handle most pistols that you carry around regularly for the purpose of EDC carry. And they will come quite in handy once you are driving from point A to point B. For the quick trips or trips across the country, this magnet will hold your pistol without any movement or rattling around. Plus, it’s universal so it can handle any pistol that you can name off the top of your head. This gun magnet from SaberSouth includes a set of two magnets, each of which has a holding capacity of 40 pounds. This makes it good for holding large frame pistols, as well as rifles. The gun magnet can be mounted at discrete positions inside your car, and the large surface area ensures safety while holding larger guns. The mount is compatible with almost all gun brands, and features military grade strength. The gun magnet can be concealed easily and offers a quick draw in tactical emergency situations. Who Will Use This Most At this point, you may be wondering if any holster for your vehicle will fit your pistol of choice. This will eliminate any guesswork and you may as well swipe this for your own personal use. But don’t be surprised if these end up lasting you a few years or even a decade. Because they are the highest in quality compared to other gun magnets on the market. If high-quality and reliable holding is what you want, you’ll get it with this. Bottom Line If you want a gun magnet that will stand the test of time and multiple amounts of use, you’ll have your bases covered with the SaberSouth Military-Grade Gun Magnet. You can use both or one of them so you can be able to have a gun handy no matter which vehicle you drive. Even better, it makes concealed carry in your vehicle all the better. The SaberSouth gun magnet is no doubt a strong magnet mount which helps you to carry all kinds of handguns and some rifles in your car. The military grade features and functionality of this magnet mount make it an exceptional and reliable product. It works with almost all handguns and will be your best bet if you carry a larger handgun. Plus it can also be installed in the trunk to help you carry rifles and shotguns. 8. Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Inexpensive Offers Proper Grip Keeps the Weapon Secure Durable Polymer Construction Adjustable and Reversible Design Installation Hardware Included With Instructions Cons Takes Time To Install Works Only With Alien Gear Holsters What Recent Buyers Report This holster mount was a hit with a good number of users who utilize OWB holsters. These new buyers were owners of compact and even full-sized pistols that would slide their holsters off their waistbands or belts and mount it on this bad boy. One user said that his holster was easy to fit and managed to keep a hold of this pistol even it was attached to this mount. Overall, the installation took about a minute with little use of tools. Why it Stands Out to Us Ever wondered if your OWB holster would fit on a mount while you’re driving from one place to the next? Now you can find the answer with the help of the Cloak Dock. This can be placed almost anywhere in your vehicle where you can hide your pistol. Once you attach the mount, you can attach your favorite OWB holster so you won’t have to deal with any potential discomfort that stems from keeping the holster on your hip while sitting down and driving. And we know how that feels. If discomfort is something that you do not want to deal with, it would be a no-brainer to use this mount. This one is especially for Alien Gear Holster users. This holster mount is compatible and recommended for use with Alien Gear Cloak Dock Paddle Mount holsters. The mount is divided into three sections, which combine to form a bracket. The space inside the bracket can be adjusted to create ample room for operation and different size holsters. The package includes all the accessories and required hardware for installation. The holster mount can be installed on the center console or beneath the glove box, to offer quick access to your weapon. Who Will Use This Most This mount will be perfect for law enforcement or security personnel and even civilians as well. It’s the kind of mount that is solid and will work with any OWB holster that has a solid enough clip to hold itself together. If the clip is a bit flimsy in quality, chances are you may not be able to keep it on the mount for much longer. Bottom Line The Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount is no slouch when it comes to keeping your pistol intact. Once you install this bad boy anywhere in your vehicle, your holster will be able to keep it in place while you are driving from one end of town to another (or if you are taking a much longer road trip). No matter where the roads take you, at least you’ll be prepared for any situation where self-defense is warranted. The Alien Gear Car holster mount is compatible only with "Alien Gear Cloak" Mod holsters. It might work with others if you get lucky, but that’s only a guess. The mount might take time to install, but it does offer quick and smooth access to the firearm. The mount is quite affordable and will work well with bigger cars. What You Need to Know if You Get Pulled Over First of all, gun carry and concealed carry laws across the United States are somewhat jumbled up. Some states allow concealed carry, some allow them with restrictions, and some don’t allow concealed carry at all. So if you’re on a long drive or traveling across many states, you must consider gun laws in every state you might enter. To keep things simple, you only have to remember a couple of tips in case you get pulled over (and always keep your tail light on to prevent getting pulled over unnecessarily!). First, always carry your concealed carry permit aka CCP. This is the best legal supporting document if carrying a weapon in a car holster or anywhere else in your vehicle or on your person. Without that the police have the right to arrest you if a weapon is found. Secondly, when you get pulled over, don’t make instant movements. Law Enforcement officers are trained to react quickly and be suspect of everything they see. Since you’re already carrying a gun, instantaneous movements can get you into serious trouble. Turn off the engine, roll down your window, keep both hands on the steering wheel, and calmly inform the officer when he reaches you, that you have a gun. Ask the officer what next steps he/she would like you to take. These precautions will make things easy for both you and the police officer. Types of Car Holsters There are quite a few different types of car carry options. But for car holsters, we’ll mainly stick to only two. The first type is the strap mount holsters . These holsters can either be strapped or screwed down beside your car seats to hold your gun. The position of these holsters can be changed according to your convenience. It can be beside or beneath the seat. Strap mount holsters however, may have effect on draw times if not placed in the right position. Strap Mount Car Holster ( Source ) The second type is the car holster mounts . These mounts are simple strip or button-like pieces made of strong magnets or metal which can be mounted at any concealed or properly accessible location inside your car. Holster mounts are clearly more versatile than strap mount holsters because they allow you to install them at any desired position inside your car. But these mounts can sometimes cause the gun to fall out of the holster when you drive on very bumpy areas such as off-road or over a pothole. Apart from this, there are products such as small gun safes and car gun vaults which can be used to safely carry a firearm inside your car. A car gun safe can be used to store handguns, and are often protected by passwords or biometric locks. Gun vaults are often installed in the trunk and can be used to carry rifles. Source Conclusion Car holsters are a necessity for people who have to spend much of their time driving a car or truck. IWB and OWB holsters are not always practical inside a car. A good car holster must be easily accessible, easy to conceal , and should hold your firearm properly. Different car holster designs are available on the market which include magnet mounts, holster mounts, ride ready holsters, and gun safes inside the car. However, the final goal is to attain security and comfort. One last thing to remember is to be cautious when being pulled over by law enforcement with a weapon in your vehicle. Always follow instructions and ensure your hands are visible at all times to protect both you and law enforcement personnel.

Best AR-15 Buffers 2020 Buyers Guide

Best AR-15 Buffers  2020 Buyers Guide

The AR-15 platform guns are among the most popular of today's modern sporting rifles. One of the key components of the rifle is the buffer with its tube and spring, which, as a unit, serve a dual purpose. Let’s have a look at the function of buffers and how they can be an upgrade to improve your AR-15 experience. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for AR-15 Buffers OUR TOP PICK: JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring AR-15 Buffer System (GEN 2) Bravo Company AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) Spike's Tactical AR-15 "Buffer Tube Assembly" Kit (Mil-Spec) Rock River Arms - CAR-15/M4 9mm Carbine Buffer BEST BUDGET OPTION: Bushmaster Firearms Int. LLC AR-15/M16 Rifle Buffer Comparison of the Best AR-15 Buffer Kits and Spring Systems IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick JP Enterprises "Silent Captured Spring" AR-15 Buffer System (GEN 2) Captured Spring Recoil System Ensures Smooth and Quiet Operation The Aluminum Guide Rod Cuts Overall Weight Additional Mass Added for Better and Broader Function View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Bravo Company AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) Complete Mounting Kit for Buttstock Six Position Buffer Tube Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum Heat-Treated High Carbon Steel Castle Nut is Sturdy "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Spike's Tactical AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) Helps Control Felt Recoil and Bolt Bouncing Available in Three Different Weights for Customization Durable Hard Anodized Finish for Long-Lasting Performance View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Rock River Arms" - CAR-15/M4 "9mm Carbine Buffer" Specially Designed for 9mm Carbines Easy to Install and Tough Construction Aesthetically Pleasing and Offers Good Value for Money View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Bushmaster Firearms Int. LLC AR-15/ "M16 Rifle Buffer" Standard AR-15 Rifle Buffer for Replacement Fits Rifle Length Buffer Tubes and 5.56 Caliber Rifles Weighs 5.4oz Which is Ideal for Versatile Use View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Fm Products - AR-15 FM-9 Heavy Buffer Nitride finish for wear-resistance Used for heavy pistols or AR builds Compatible with all blow-back pistol caliber upper receivers View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews How to Choose an AR-15 Buffer When choosing a buffer for your AR-15, you should focus on the following key aspects to ensure you get the most value for your money. Tungsten or Steel Material While you can find buffers made of aluminum, that material is lighter than either tungsten or steel and won’t work with as many stocks. Tungsten and steel are both dense and durable enough to withstand frequent AR-15 use, so they’re preferred amongst most AR-15 enthusiasts. Spring Quality The spring included in your buffer can affect the overall functionality of your rifle. Springs come in variable lengths, even though they all have about the same diameter. Try to match a carbine spring at about 10.5 inches and a rifle spring at about 12.75 inches. You should also try to find a spring that has a smooth surface or a special lubricated finish to improve operation. Buffer Length Similar to spring length, the length of your buffer matters a great deal. You cannot interchange rifle and carbine buffers with each other. Rifle buffers are typically longer and they fill the extra space of the typical AR-15 rifle tube. Carbine lengths are better if you are making a build with a collapsible stock. You can also find plenty of mil-spec carbine buffer tubes, so these should be fairly common, no matter which market you try. Function of the AR-15 Buffer The buffer tube forms a protrusion along the lower receiver and serves a dual function. It encapsulates the buffer with buffer spring (also called the action spring). It works as the attachment point for the buttstock, but also for the recoil buffer in the buffer assembly is the contact point for the bolt carrier to move rearward. That makes it a crucial element for the AR’s cyclic action. After firing, the bolt carrier moves back into the buffer and the action spring recoils. It then pushes the buffer and bolt carrier forward, thus loading the next cartridge and closing the bolt for the next shot. Typically, a factory AR-15 will normally be a bit over-gassed by the manufacturer to ensure reliable function with various types of ammunition and operating conditions. However, if you are building your own rifle, you can tune how the rifle cycles in two ways. One is adjusting the gas management using an adjustable gas block or by adjusting the weight of the reciprocating mass - the buffer. The buffer and spring are the only two mechanical parts that affect the rifle’s cycling and can noticeably reduce the felt recoil. For AR enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that rifle barrel length and weight directly relate to the buffer weight. In short, the lighter the barrel you have, the lighter the buffer you need to use. AR-15 buffers are available in a variety of weights and markings with heavier buffers for pistol-caliber carbines through rifle buffer models. They can weigh from about three ounces to around five ounces. Quick Take - The Best Buffer Kits and Spring Systems These are our recommendations for the best buffer kits and spring systems: JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring AR-15 Buffer System (GEN 2) Bravo Company AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) Spike's Tactical AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) Review of the "Best Buffer Kits" and Spring Systems for the AR-15 We’ve explored a lot of buffers and now present you with some suggestions to avoid the hassles of scouring the internet and to optimize the gas delivery on your custom rifle. Best Overall: JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring AR-15 Buffer System (GEN 2) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to install Reduces friction and vibration Aluminum rod reduces weight Custom ground spring material Makes heavier builds easier to handle Cons Some find it can mess with build weight too much Only fits with certain 9 mm bolt open channels Aluminum material doesn’t last as long as tungsten or steel What Recent Buyers Report Recent users of this buffer spring report that the lightness of the spring shaves off a lot of recoil and stress from their build. Controlling their rifle with the spring installed was easier than before and installing the buffer spring in the first place was easy, as well. Why it Stands Out to Us We think that a suitably light buffer spring is a necessity for anyone putting together a mobile AR build. Its superior weight distribution and consistent performance make it a strong contender for rifles that aim to have as little extra mass as possible. Since the standard-diameter spring rubs the internal surface of the buffer tube, the Black Rifle is known to have a "twang" sound after firing a cartridge. This can be especially pronounced during shooting with a suppressor. If you want to avoid this “twang” effect, the solution is to use a JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring AR-15 Buffer System. In this system, the buffer spring that does not contact the inside walls of the tube. The Gen 2 drop-in, captured-spring recoil system boasts an aluminum guide rod to reduce the unit’s overall weight. It also has highly-polished stainless steel parts, guaranteeing smooth and precise operation. It’s paired with a hard polymer nylon spacer that measures 1-5/8 inches. The SCS smooths out the actual operation of the gun and minimizes bolt bounce. This results in sound reduction. The JP system seats the bolt much better and more consistently on the round, eliminating the friction of standard buffer components. This unit can be modified by changing out the spring or replacing the steel weights with tungsten for a heavier buffer. Combining the heavier buffer weight, spring tension, and an adjustable gas block will help reduce the noise to a minimal amount. It will also help reduce the amount of pressure in the upper receiver. More importantly, the SCS is a self-contained unit that can be used in carbine or rifle-length receiver extensions. It can also be used with short-barreled rifles (SBRs), suppressed weapons, select-fire ARs, and piston-operated ARs. However, this system is not compatible with 9 mm AR variants or any blowback system using a solid carrier. Who Will Use This Most AR enthusiasts who don’t like having to use rifles or carbines with a lot of recoil will enjoy the gentleness that this spring brings to the table. It’s particularly suitable for shooters who struggle with keeping their rifle in check at the range, although you’ll need to make sure the spring fits with your current build channel before buying. Bottom Line If the spring fits your current build frame, feel free to pick this up and see the results for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with the performance improvements it can provide, and you’ll notice how much lighter your AR feels right after you finish its easy installation. Runner-up: Bravo Company AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Works with mil-space stocks Machined from anodized aluminum Also has a steel carbine action spring Castle nut heat-treated for extra strength Rust-resistant and durable finish Cons No sling mount included Spring isn’t the lightest we’ve seen A bit high in price for what comes with the kit What "Recent Buyers Report" Those who've used this buffer kit most recently report that it is a high-quality purchase, with the included spring, buffer, and castle nut all being of high-quality and exceptional durability. However, the asking price is a little too high, given that it doesn’t come with a sling mount. Instead, you’re forced to stick with a standard plate for your build. Why it Stands Out to Us We think the overall durability of each piece makes this a worthwhile buy. The anodized finish is particularly nice for reducing corrosive damage and the castle nut is also heat-treated for extra strength and given its own phosphate finish. This improves durability. Even the high-tensile steel spring is super-strong, although it’s a little heavier than we would’ve liked. Another buffer assembly kit comes from a company with a well-deserved reputation for excellence. These are extremely popular among law enforcement officers, military personnel, and shooting sports competitors. Bravo Company’s complete buffer kit consists of a mil-spec receiver extension (buffer tube), receiver end plate, M4 castle nut, carbine-action spring, and carbine standard buffer assembly. The six-position buffer tube is built to mil-spec dimensions from impact-extruded 7075-T6 aluminum. Also included is a standard 3 oz. (85g) carbine buffer, a carbine action spring, and a castle nut made of high-tensile steel for improved strength and durability. There are a few issues with the finish not being perfect. Also, some buyers might hope for a sling mount rather than a standard plate, considering the brand and price range. Who Will "Use This Most" Heavy-duty AR builds will be able to benefit from each of these pieces more than others. Anyone who is looking to spend top-dollar for high-quality materials will love what comes in this kit. It might be a little expensive upfront, but it’s well worth the cost when you won’t have to replace the kit in a few months. Bottom Line Overall, the high asking price is worthwhile when you consider how long each of the individual pieces will last, even under heavy use. Even though it doesn’t come with a sling mount, you should still be able to use it for most heavier-duty AR builds and the fact that it comes with mil-spec designs means you can use it with most stock varieties. Best for the Money: Spike's Tactical AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (Mil-Spec) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Doesn’t cause a lot of noise or vibration Made with durable tungsten weights Comes in three weights for user customization All choices come in mil-spec for combining with stocks Buffer material is machined aluminum for optimal weight distribution Cons Not good for rapid-fire patterns Slows down the cycle rate somewhat May need to try other buffers out so you choose the right weight What Recent Buyers Report Those who’ve used this recoil buffer recently report that it does an effective job at reducing the recoil and vibration you’ll experience when firing your carbine. Most report that it does an excellent job at reducing rifle shaking and reducing the overall volume of the weapon, as well. Why it Stands Out to Us Any recoil buffer that gives the choice of weight to the user earns extra points in our book. This is a great choice if you already know the ideal weight arrangement for your build, and no matter which you choose, the recoil buffer will reduce your felt recoil and help make your next session at the shooting range more comfortable and enjoyable. The Spike's AR-15 buffer tube is machined of durable 7075-T6 aluminum with a Type III hard-anodized coating. The buffer springs are made of electro-polished 17-7 stainless steel designed to resist the binding that can occur with lower-quality springs. While these mil-spec springs are very popular, the real favorite among gun aficionados is that this model is weighted with tungsten powder. The aluminum body measures 3¼" (8.2cm) long and is topped with a polyurethane bumper. The kit comes in three weights, all with tungsten powder to absorb the recoil efficiently and quietly. You can either select the standard-weight ST-T1 (3 oz.) buffer (LDTP) filled with low-density tungsten powder. The ST-T2 filled with high-density tungsten powder (HDTP) for extra weight (4.1 oz.). Finally, you can use ST-T3  filled with an ultra-dense tungsten bar that weighs 5.4 ounces, giving you maximum recoil control in full-auto mode and on suppressed weapons. This unit is a purposefully assembled buffer kit that gives the best combination of recoil control and reliability in your carbine with an M4-type adjustable stock. With this AR manufacturer, which creates high-quality parts, you can’t go wrong. The only negative would be that’s it only wrapped in a plastic bag without paper or bubble wrap to protect it in transport. Who Will Use This Most Anyone who has an AR build with a little too much recoil will benefit greatly from any of the three buffer choices. Since they’re all made with fantastic materials and all do a great job at lowering volume and rifle shaking, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with any of the choices. Bottom Line This is a phenomenal pick if you’re in the market for a variable buffer with a few different weight choices. You can also get a few of this same buffer and switch them out if you like to subtly alter the performance of your AR build from time to time. 4. Rock River Arms - CAR-15/M4 9 mm Carbine Buffer CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Black oxide finish Sturdy steel material Resistant to rust damage Any carbine spring will fit with it Compatible with most carbine builds Cons Not mil-spec A little heavy High price for just a buffer of this quality What Recent Buyers Report Recent users of this carbine buffer mostly have good things to report. It’s easy to install and does a great job of stabilizing the motion of any AR carbine build. It’s simple steel aesthetic and black oxide finish allow it to work with most AR builds in terms of looks, as well. Why It Stands Out to Us We found this buffer to be a good choice for fitting to most standard carbine builds, even though it lacks some extra pieces you would find in a full-on buffer kit. Even though it’s a little heavy, it shouldn’t negatively affect most AR shooting, so long as you install it correctly. It isn’t mil-spec, so keep this in mind when thinking about combining with certain stocks. This Rock River Arms 9 mm buffer is an essential piece if you want to convert your AR-15 to shoot 9 mm bullets and reduce the cycle rate and felt recoil of the AR-15. The RRA carbine buffer weighs approximately 5.6 oz with a traditional length of 3.300″, like standard Colt 9 mm buffers. It features steel construction, a polyurethane bumper, and a phosphate finish. There are several side benefits to the Heavy Buffers 9 mm Q Buffer. It offers a smoother function, less felt recoil, and a reduced rate of fire. It uses the same buffer spring as the .223/5.56 and is heavy enough to keep blowback gases to a minimum. The Rock River 9 mm AR-15 Buffer is a self-contained unit held together with very rugged roll pins. Some shooters hold that a 9 mm buffer needs to be at least 3.6 inches long to prevent the bolt catch from breaking, so this unit comes up short there. Who Will Use This Most We think commercial stock carbine users will really benefit from all that this buffer has to offer. Because it’s easy to install, it’s a great starter buffer if you’re teaching someone or yourself how to put together AR builds for the first time, as well. Since it’s simple and has a robust oxide finish to reduce corrosive damage, there’s a high likelihood it’ll last for a long time, as well. Bottom Line Overall, it’s a decent carbine buffer with a reasonable price tag, given its oxide finish. We still wish it would work with mil-spec stocks and came with its own spring, but since it works with most spring weights and varieties, it’s still a worthy option. 5. Bushmaster Firearms Int. LLC AR-15/M16 Rifle Buffer CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to install Hard rubber tip Durable steel construction Fits rifle length buffer tubes Made in the U.S.A. for quality assurance Great for most standard rifle-style builds Cons No rust-resistant finish Heavier weight of 5.4 oz Narrow spring acceptance What Recent Buyers Report Recent users report that while this is a great buffer for select AR rifle builds, it only accepts certain sizes of springs so you should make sure your current springs are compatible before finalizing a purchase. Otherwise, it’s an affordable rifle buffer that's easy to install and which is made from durable machined steel. Why it Stands Out to Us We think this is a great budget option for many of the more expensive AR rifle builds. Since the rest of your rifle will likely cost a pretty penny, getting a functional but affordable rifle buffer is a great way to cut down costs. Even with its affordable price, this is still a durable buffer that is perfectly sized for the majority of typical rifle builds. This rifle buffer system from Bushmaster Firearms works with rifle receiver extensions (in other words, it will fit rifle-length buffer tubes). It weighs 5.4 ounces, the equivalent of an H3. This steel construction has five steel weights and one spacer inside. It’s topped with polyurethane bumper. This simple rifle buffer is typically available in only one weight (around 5 oz.) and cannot be modified or adapted to different types of load or suppressors. Who Will Use This Most We think AR rifle enthusiasts who make a lot of standard rifle builds will appreciate the consistency that this buffer brings to the table. Since it’s easy to install, this is also a great choice for beginner AR builders who are just starting to learn the ropes. Bottom Line So long as you can handle the higher weight, this is a great pick for your first rifle buffer or if you need something affordable. While it lacks a special finish to prevent damage over time, the low cost offsets this risk somewhat. 6. FM Products - AR-15 FM-9 Heavy Buffer CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Made in the U.S.A. Greatly Improves Cycling Added Weight Improves Fire Control Made From Exceptionally Sturdy Materials Compatible With All Blowback 9 mm Upper Receivers Cons No Warranty No Sliding Weights for Anti-Bounce or Dampening Inside What Recent Buyers Report Recent users of this buffer have nothing but good things to say. Although it’s a little heavy, it works great when combined with pistol caliber carbine builds and the extended length allows for proper functioning in longer AR builds. Since you don’t have to include a spacer, it’s easy to mesh with most AR builds right out of the box. Why it Stands Out to Us Having a buffer that you can switch between pistol or AR builds can be a nice change of pace, particularly if you’re a hobbyist gunsmith and like to mess with your builds from time to time. The nitride finish helps with the easy install by improving lubrication and enhancing its wear resistance, so it lasts longer even under heavy use. This heavy buffer is fully compatible with any blowback 9 mm upper receiver for true versatility on any number of your weapons, ensuring you can standardize your buffers throughout your arsenal. Finished with a special nitride melonite salt bath and QPQ, the heavy buffer is unique in offering lubricity and excellent wear-resistance for a long time to come, no matter how often or heavily you use your AR-15. At 6.4 ounces in weight, the FM Products heavy buffer provides a heavy-duty performance you can feel. Although it may take some getting used to, it will greatly improve recoil over stock buffers and is immediately noticeable upon upgrade. The extended length requires no spacer, which also helps to prevent bolt catch breakage. After equipped, you’ll notice it reduces the rate of fire for better control and less cumulative recoil. Seasoned gun owners who’ve replaced buffers in the past may be wondering if there are sliding weights for anti-bounce or dampening inside the buffer, and there are not. However, this buffer works very well as-is. All FM Product offerings are domestically produced in the United States from high-quality materials and the AR-15 FM-9 Heavy Buffer is no exception. It is a solid buffer that will last a long time. Who Will Use This Most As we implied, anyone who likes to take apart and put their guns back together will find a lot of use with this buffer. Its versatility is its main strength, but it’s also just well put together. The 4340 steel is an excellent material that is sure to last a long time. Bottom Line This pistol buffer can be integrated with most AR builds, provided you have the expertise to do so. Alternatively, you can always take this to a licensed gunsmith and get the most bang for your buck. Its extended size allows it to work with most AR builds, despite its original function. A heavier buffer may take a little getting used to for new gun owners, but the improved cycling and drastically reduced recoil make for a much better experience. While we’d prefer a warranty on this heavy buffer, the quality materials and superior U.S.A. craftsmanship make it a top choice. Types of Buffers Buffers may be made of lead or aluminum, but the most frequently used materials today are steel and tungsten because these materials are both heavy and dense. While steel weighs around 0.28 lb. per cubic inch (PCI), on average, a tungsten buffer commonly weighs about 0.70 pounds PCI, on average. There are four basic configurations of AR buffers. Within these, there are also a variety of buffer weights and designs available on the aftermarket. Here are some averages, but of course there are variances among manufacturers. The standard .223/5.56 mm semi-auto only carbine buffer is usually unmarked. It consists of three steel weights and usually totals about 3.0 oz. in weight. The most common buffer, marked “H” for heavy, features a combination of one tungsten and two steel weights and commonly weighs around 3.8 oz. H2 buffers feature the same design as the H buffer. This version is better with heavy barrels since it weighs around 4.7 ounces, on average. It is comprised of two tungsten and two steel weights inside the buffer. H3 is similar to the H and H2 but it was designed to work with longer and heavier barrels. The H3 buffer includes three tungsten weights and often weighs about 5.6 oz. Besides the weight, there are two different sizes of buffers - rifle-length and carbine-length. Mil-spec vs. Commercial Buffer Tubes Another significant difference is the diameter of the area where the stock slides onto the tube. With the original mil-spec buffer tube, the threads at the front are actually a larger diameter than the rest of the tube. Mil-spec tubes are a forged, one-piece design with an outside diameter measuring 1.148". The threads on mil-spec buffer tube are rolled on. On the other hand, commercial-spec buffer tube threads are cut into the front end with a lathe, just like any other threaded pipe. This allows for a lower manufacturing cost. Since the commercial receiver extension tube is a touch larger in diameter, measuring 1.168", mil-spec and commercial versions are not compatible with each other. So stocks that fit one will not fit the other. There are no functional differences between the two. But the prevailing opinion is in favor of mil-spec buffer tubes for the simple reason that more stocks are available. Knowing When It’s Time to Change Your Spring Since the buffer assembly is a mechanical part, it is necessary to periodically evaluate buffer spring lengths to ensure your AR-15 will continue to perform consistently. Standard carbine springs measure 10.5” and usually have between 37 and 39 coils. Rifle-length springs measure 12.75” and boast 41 to 43 coils on average. This spring usually is made of steel alloy and use a spring tension weight that is 10% over the standard spring.  The spring shortens over an extended period. When you notice the carbine spring is less than ten inches long or the rifle spring is less than 12 inches long, you will need to replace them. Rifle and carbine springs are NOT interchangeable. You should never consider exchanging rifle and carbine buffers. How to Install an AR-15 Buffer Kit: Replacing the factory buffer on your AR-15 can greatly enhance your weapon’s recoil. If you’re ready to reap the advantages, follow our steps below, and reference our video for visuals: Ensure you have all the tools needed: You will need a castle nut wrench and your buffer kit. Your buffer kit should have a buffer tube, takedown pin, buffer retainer, end plate, castle nut, buffer retainer spring, takedown pin detent, and takedown detent spring. Thread your castle nut onto the buffer tube, being sure that it ends securely in place. Place your receiver end plate over the buffer tube. Be sure the bump on the end plate faces the receiver. This engages the cavity on the black of your receiver. Screw the buffer tube into the receiver a few threads, helping hold it in place. Insert retainer and the buffer retainer spring into the lower receiver. Push the retainer down and thread the buffer tube. It should hold the edge of the detent, allowing the tip to protrude. Insert the takedown pin, the takedown pin detent, and the spring. Now slide the end plate to the receiver. Be careful of the takedown pin detent spring. Tighten the castle nut to the receiver with your finger. Rotate the takedown pin until your detent falls into position. Tighten with your wrench, and you’re done! Enjoy improved recoil on your AR-15! Conclusion By altering the weight of the buffer, you can modify the performance of how your rifle cycles. Finding the right buffer assembly and buffer weight will guarantee you'll be able to reduce felt recoil and recover more quickly between shots. Ultimately, you’ll be able to enjoy a better experience every time you use your AR-15.

Best Revolvers For Women 2020 Ultimate Round-up

Best Revolvers For Women  2020 Ultimate Round-up

If you are a woman, you should know what is available in terms of revolvers for the purpose of concealed carry and self-defense. The right to bear arms and conceal carry a handgun is not limited to any gender. A weapon is vital to use for the purpose of self-defense if you’re is in serious danger. Particularly, if you are a woman, it is important to find one that will be the best fit while you’re out and about (and is even useful when you are defending your home against attackers). To help find the best revolver for women, we’ve hand-picked six of the best revolvers for use by female users everywhere (if and where it’s legal to conceal carry). Before we get to the list, we’ll talk about whether or not every revolver can be used by a woman for concealed carry. We’ll also discuss what makes these revolvers the best on the list. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Revolvers For Women OUR TOP PICK: Ruger GP100 ​Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special Ruger LCR Smith & Wesson 686 BEST BUDGET OPTION: Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .38 Comparison of the Best Revolvers For Women IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Ruger GP100 6-shot capacity Best overall revolver for women Polymer grip with ergonomic design View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews ​Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special Includes a fixed rear sight Chambered to fire .38 Special shots Runner-up for the best overall revolver "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Ruger LCR Includes a U-Notch integral sight Best revolver for women for the money It comes with an IonBond Diamondback finish View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Smith & Wesson 686 Fixed rear sight Rubber grip for superior shock absorption Best revolver for women regarding home defense View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .38 Best .38 revolver for women Chambered to fire .38 caliber rounds Made from high-quality materials like polymer and steel View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Can Every Revolver Be Used For Women's Concealed Carry? Not every revolver is suitable for use by a woman. One of the major reasons is that the trigger pull may be a little too heavy for a woman to use. Some may even require a lot more pressure than other handgun triggers. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use a revolver at all. It will depend on some factors that will make it a little easier to use. What Makes These the Best? These revolvers were not chosen at complete random. They had some characteristics and features that made each stand out to earn a spot on this list. We were very strict with what met our standards and what would disqualify a certain product. Here are some things to look for if you are a woman (or are in search of a revolver for the woman in your life): Price It’s easy to find a revolver that is affordable . But don’t mistake that for having the okay to buy the cheapest model you can find. You’ll want to find the best quality and performance you can afford. This way, you can invest in a long-lasting, reliable revolver a woman can use to her advantage. You’ll need something that is sturdy, strong, and perhaps concealable so you can carry it just about anywhere. Source Ease of Use The ease of use is a big one here. More specifically, the revolvers we chose are pretty straightforward and simple to use. This means the hammer cocking will be easy and the trigger pull will be lighter than other revolvers on the market. We were very careful and used our best judgment to find revolvers that fit this criterion. Even the slightest bit of heavy trigger pull was enough to disqualify it from the list. Reliable in Any Situation Reliability should always be important. A great revolver is something that will be able to work when it is needed the most. This means no jamming or mechanical failures should ever come into play. The magnums we chose are those that have been proven to stay reliable even through 100 rounds or more. Quick Take - The Best Revolvers For Women These are our recommendations for the best revolvers for women: Ruger GP100 Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special ​ Ruger LCR Review of the Best Revolvers for Women Below is a list of the six best revolvers that women can use. These are among some of the best revolvers on the market. If you are a woman (or someone in search of a revolver for a woman), you can start here by noting the important features and characteristics. If you see one that stands out as the best, then be sure to give it a closer look before making a final decision. Now, let’s begin by taking a look at the best overall choice on the list: Best Overall: Ruger GP100 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Superb reliability Great for concealed carry Trigger pull is light and smooth Easy to load, takes a few minutes The grip provides comfortable, ergonomic-friendly shooting Cons Might be a little weighty at first It may be difficult to fit in some OWB holsters The cylinder may be a little hard to pull out initially What Recent Buyers Report A lot of new buyers were happy with this revolver. They said it was perfect for not just self-defense, but worked pretty well as a target shooting revolver, too. One user said she tested it out at the range and was pretty confident that she would be able to shoot accurately if and when the situation were to arise. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is at the perfect size for concealed carry. However, it can also be great to keep at home for the purpose of home defense. Either way you use it, it’s a reliable revolver that will prove itself to be an accurate force to be reckoned with every time you use it. If you don’t believe us, test it out for yourself at the range. This revolver is designed to give users a comfortable grip and reliable use each and every time. If you want a revolver that will consistently perform at top-notch quality, this is it. Who Will Use This Most This would be the best revolver for the woman who wants to carry a revolver around for EDC purposes. Furthermore, you would be more apt to use it in the event of a home defense situation. If it happens and you're home alone, you’ll be confident in knowing that you have a backup. This revolver has six shots. Any woman can use them to her advantage if she chooses to do so. Bottom Line The Ruger GP100 will certainly be the kind of revolver the woman in your life would want if she needs one for home defense or concealed carry. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and can do serious damage to those who dare end up on the wrong end of it. It’s no wonder this revolver is one of the best in the business. Runner-up: Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Loads easily Accurate at various ranges Excellent for concealed-carry use Hammer and trigger pull are smooth and easy Comfortable grip. No hand fatigue at all after long-term use Cons None "What Recent Buyers" Report A lot of new buyers were pretty happy with the overall performance. Most new users hit their targets accurately with smaller targets being hit at 25 yards out. Some were able to go as far as 50 yards out with much bigger targets. One user said he bought this revolver for his wife and felt that he made the right decision for her in terms of finding the right concealed carry weapon. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is small, compact, and will definitely fit in many OWB holsters, so it stands out as a real contender for a great concealed carry pistol for a woman. It’s concealable to a point where it won’t bulge in holsters and therefore compromise itself. So if you want to carry a revolver in a holster or purse, this revolver is the right size. Not to mention, it’s pretty lightweight, so if you store it, either way, you won’t have to deal with any additional weight. Who Will "Use This Most" This pistol was made for the woman who wants to conceal carry a revolver anywhere she goes. It also is easy to use and pretty straightforward when it comes to cycling, with nothing too complicated. Just simple shooting, regardless of the application. Plus, if you want it to be really accurate, this might be a pistol that is worth looking at further. Bottom Line The Smith &; Wesson Model 642 .38 Special will certainly stand out as one of the top concealed carry revolvers for a woman. It’s simple to use and won’t give you any heavy trigger or hammer pulling. Timing is everything when it comes to self-defense. So this is a revolver that will allow for quick shooting if the opportunity presents itself. Best for the Money: Ruger LCR CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy for concealed carry Super-durable construction Affordable for most budgets Gripping ability is nice and tight Accurate at distances between 25 to 45 yards Cons Loading ability may be difficult at first May be a little too loud for some users The cylinder may be a challenge to remove sometimes What Recent Buyers Report Most new users were looking for a concealed carry pistol to fit in holsters or purses. They were not disappointed when they found this revolver to be light in weight and super-accurate in almost any application. One user said she was able to hit bullseyes from about 25 to 30 yards out. Furthermore, she added that the rear sight did a pretty good job of providing pinpoint accuracy for each shot. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is chambered to fire 9mm shots. They are quite common for those who use concealed carry pistols. They’re small, they travel fast, and they are ridiculously accurate at various distances. It is for these reasons it deserved a spot on our list. Plus, it’s an excellent caliber for women to start off with if they are new to concealed carry. So if you are in search of a first-time revolver, this could be one to consider. Who Will Use This Most This will be a great newbie-friendly revolver. A 9mm caliber is obviously one of the best-concealed carry calibers. Plus, it won’t be as intimidating as some others, like the .357 . But rest assured, it can do some pretty good damage in most applications. So if you have never owned a revolver before, this could be one that will be a great choice for your first time. Bottom Line The Ruger LCR 9mm is reliable, perfect for concealed carry, and can be best-used in a life and death situation if anything were to arise. While it might be a great starter revolver for women, it may be hard to separate from after years of service. If dependability and accuracy are your two favorite things in a revolver, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything quite like this anywhere else. Best Revolver for Women Home Defense: ​ Smith & Wesson 686 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Shock and recoil are minimal Hammer cocks back quite smoothly Great for home defense and concealed carry Excellent quality, really durable construction Easy to load, takes a few minutes to load the entire cylinder Cons The trigger can be a little too sensitive Sights may need adjusting prior to use Some complained about it being a little too heavy What Recent Buyers Report Many recent buyers were looking for a revolver for the purpose of concealed carry and home defense. They were pretty impressed with this revolver when they came across it. They managed to load as many as seven shots in the cylinder and were able to hit accurate bullseyes from various distances. They were able to shoot tighter groups with small targets situated at 30 yards out, while hitting the bullseye on bigger targets situated from 50 yards out. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is made from one of the most reliable brands in the business. Smith & Wesson have been known for manufacturing firearms that are sturdy, durable, and reliable for many years. This revolver proves itself to follow their great track record. It can be accurate and useful when used in a self-defense situation. Even better, it’s at the perfect size for the purpose of concealed carry. If you want a pistol that will be your sidekick whenever you end up in a dangerous situation, this is the one you’ll probably want to have on hand. Who Will Use This Most This, without a doubt, will be used mostly for the purpose of concealed carry. You can keep it at home if you so choose. But if EDC carry is a more comfortable option for you, then a revolver like this might be something to invest in. Not only will it be reliable for many years, but it will stay consistently accurate and never lose its ability to do so after long-term use. Bottom Line "The Smith &" ; Wesson 686 Centerfire is a great home defense revolver that will work to your advantage if and when the situation presents itself. It might be the best possible choice if you need a new revolver for the purpose of self-defense or if you are looking for an upgrade from a previous model. Best .38 Revolver for Women: Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .38 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Really durable and built to last you years Easy to clean from the inside and out Fits like a glove in most OWB holsters Shoots accurate shots at 25 to 35 yards Excellent for the purpose of concealed carry Cons It may be a little hard to load at times The cylinder may be a little difficult to pull out at times Some have complained about the grips being really small What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were quite happy with the revolver. They were quick to point out that it is really durable and reliable when it comes to shooting it. Most new users were previous concealed carry users who were looking for a decent upgrade. One user said she noticed the revolver being a bit more accurate than the 9mm pistol she owned for a few years. When it came time to look for another handgun to add into her arsenal, she decided to get a revolver and ended up with this. She was not disappointed once she managed to hit accurate shots from about 40 yards out. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is chambered in .38 caliber shots. This caliber is perhaps one of the best choices if you are in search of a round that can do some serious damage. In fact, it’s got a bit more “oomph” than a 9mm. And on top of that, it’s got a bit of power. Aside from that, the trigger pull is pretty smooth and won’t cause any issues for the user. So if you want a .38 caliber revolver that will allow for the fastest and most reliable shooting possible, this might be where you end your search. Who Will Use This Most This will be a superb addition to any woman’s arsenal if she already owns a few guns. This might just be the one revolver you can take with you just in case danger is lurking nearby. While you may not end up in danger, it’s good to be prepared just in case. If you want the perfect EDC revolver at your disposal, this might just be exactly what you’re looking for. And since it’s at the right size, it can fit in holsters or even your purse. Bottom Line Once again, Smith & Wesson delivers a revolver that will stand out as reliable and accurate for women shooters. If you want a concealed carry revolver that will be your go-to in a survival situation, the M&P Bodyguard will stand out as the odds-on favorite for women who want something different for their concealed carry arsenal. Best Pink Revolver for Women: Charter Arms - Chic Lady Dao 2-in .38 Special Pink 5-Rd CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Fit and finish are excellent Perfect for concealed carry Reduced recoil right out of the gate Super-durable grip. Does a good job absorbing shock Accurate with smaller targets from 25 to 30 yards out Cons None What Recent Buyers Report Most new buyers were women who loved the pink finish on the revolver. What they also liked was the fact that it was very durable from the inside out. Overall, they said the grip was comfortable and allowed them firm control without the fear of dropping it. The amount of felt recoil and shock were minimal according to these new buyers. Why it Stands Out to Us This revolver is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. Which means that it’s a durable unit that will stand to last you a long time. As long as you take good care of it and clean it on a regular basis, it can last you years or even decades. It’s easy to operate and delivers consistent accurate shooting almost every single time. Not only that, it’s perfect for target shooting and self-defense. Who Will Use This Most This would be the perfect revolver for the woman who has concealed carry before and is looking for an upgrade. If you have no idea which caliber is best for you in terms of a step up, you should consider the idea of using a .38 Special caliber. The rounds are nearly identical to those of a 9mm. But it can do quite a bit more damage than a 9mm. If you want something with a little more “oomph”, this is the revolver you might want to consider using. Bottom Line The Charter Arms Chic Lady 38 Special may be pink in color, but it can pack a powerful punch like nothing else. If you are looking for a revolver that will be tough all over and deliver reliable shooting when you need it most, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Who says a woman cannot handle a revolver like this? What Do I Need to Know Before Buying? If you are a woman in search of a revolver, you may need to know a few things before purchasing one. While it might be a daunting task to purchase a firearm, you’ll have to understand why they are the best options. Here’s what you need to know: It is Your Right to Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights As an American citizen, you are entitled to the right to defend yourself using a firearm. In fact, there are laws that will allow you to lawfully conceal carry a firearm for self-defense use. You need to be aware of when it might be a good time to use your firearm and when it wouldn't be OK. Women can exercise this right to bear arms and use their revolver as they see fit. Take Training Courses If you have never used a revolver before, it is highly recommended that you take gun safety courses. This way, it will give you the knowledge and more know-how on all things concealed carry. You will learn how to use your revolver if and when danger presents itself. You’ll also learn the dos and don'ts of concealed carry, among other life-saving lessons. Determine if You Wish to Keep a Revolver at Home or Take With You The idea of carrying a revolver or any concealed carry pistol is discomforting for most. That is why you should make the determination before purchasing a revolver. Will it stay at home or will you carry it with you at all times? It all comes down to personal needs and preferences. However, you should research your state laws that pertain to home defense and concealed carry prior to purchasing a revolver. Conclusion If you are a woman, the best revolver for your own personal defense might be within reach for you. Find one that will be reliable, accurate, and easy to use. No woman should ever be left with no option to defend herself if and when danger comes lurking. If you need a revolver to protect yourself, the six above are a good start. Choose one for your own use and you’ll have one you can rely on for the long term. Source People Also Ask These are a few frequently asked questions that pertain to revolvers and women. Use this as a guide to better understand the use of a revolver and how they benefit women. Here are the following questions: What is a Good Revolver Caliber for a Woman? The short answer: it depends. If she has never used a revolver at all, chances are she may need to start off with a 9mm or .38 Special (since they are identical in size). They are also excellent for beginner users (both men and women). Why is it Recommended for Women to Carry a Revolver? Revolvers are easy to load and are small in size. This makes concealability a convenience for most women since they can carry it in their purses, gloveboxes, or even a holster of their choice. Plus, with six to eight rounds at their disposal, it’s more than enough for any survival situation. What Revolver Has a Light Trigger Pull for Women? The Smith &; Wesson 686 is a good example of a revolver with the lightest trigger pull. Some may say it is a little too light, but the pull weight is perfect for when you want to quickly get a shot off.

OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope Review

OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope Review

What You Will Get Here Specifications Feature Analysis Pros Cons Final Verdict Specifications Product Dimensions 13.2 x 3.5 x 6.1 inches Weight 15.8 ounces Size 335×90×155 mm Exit Pupil 4 mm Editor Rating : 3.3 out of 5 star Check Latest Price & Reviews On Amazon Wildlife observation like bird watching can be very fascinating and delightful. But many times we fail to see the crystal clear view. Spotting scope overcomes this problem and provides us a clear-cut sight. So, this OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope Review remarks the usefulness of this instrument. OXA "Waterproof Spotting Scope" is not only used for bird watching but also for other outdoor activities like archery, target shooting and many more. OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope is one of the best spotting scopes because it has an additional feature which is waterproofness. OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope comes with a convenient manual for guidance and every feature that you would want in a spotting scope. This review explains its functionality and describes all the good and bad sides of the spotting scope. Let us begin our OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope review now. Feature Analysis 1. Top-notch magnification A spotting scope will be of no use if you cannot observe a mesmerizing view. For this reason, OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope comes with an excellent magnification because it contains powerful zoom, HD vision, dynamic lens focusing system and superior prism type. 2. Angled spotting scope The scope can be angled as per your requirements. So, you can take the perfect capture and capture your desired view. It is a very useful device which helps you to catch every detail you would want to see. 3. Reasonable price OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope is of outstanding value because it presents significant advantages at a very reasonable price. 4. Waterproof and fog proof Sometimes, nature can spoil your recreation. Rain and fog can be a major hindrance to your activities. But considering this issue, OXA spotting scope is both waterproofness and fog proofness. You can enjoy to the fullest and without any worries under any situation. 5. Quality framework and rubber armor As mentioned earlier in this OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope review, the scope is very light. It has durable magnalium framework and fitting protection. The rubber armor provides the maximum protection, and it has an adjustable eyepiece shield too. 6. Warranty and service The OXA Waterproof Spotting Scope Review also includes the warranty and service provided by the spotting scope. The spotting scope brings forth 30-Day money back guarantee, 12-month warranty, and a guarantee for lifetime support. These offerings are sufficient for a customer’s satisfaction. Pros HD vision Affordable Handy tripod Admirable focusing system Protection from water and fog Portable and light weight Easy to access Warranty and other services Cons Difficult to adjust Final Verdict Animal lovers are all over the world. They would surely love this product for beholding creatures. This spotting scope is a must for recreation purpose. Compared to other spotting scopes, OXA "Spotting Scope Review" includes traits that are quite impressive and interesting. Apart from adjusting its zoom, anyone would ignore such a petty issue and would want to invest in an affordable product like OXA Spotting Scope Review that provides a lucid sight along with protection. Finally, we have come towards the conclusion of this review. We hope all your confusion regarding the spotting scope has been removed in this OXA Spotting Scope Review review, and you make a practically effective decision. "Check Latest Price" & Reviews On Amazon share share share share share

Ballistics Basics: The Effects Of Air Temperature On Bullet Flight

/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } In the long-distance shooting ring, air temperature plays a much bigger role in ballistics than simply how comfortable you are while shooting. How does air temperature affect bullet trajectory in ballistics? Ambient air temperature has an inverse effect on air density. This can create a balancing effect in elevation change. The change in air temperature can affect bullet drop measured in inches at some ranges. Air temperature also effects powders, making them burn hotter and faster. As a refresher from the last few columns on ballistics, the reason your bullet falls more by the time it reaches a 900-yard target than it does for a 100-yard target is because it was exposed to gravity longer. Therefore, the longer it takes to reach the target, the more gravity and wind will move the bullet off of its original path. A Bullet’s Speed There are three variables that determine a bullet’s speed on its way to the target: The initial speed of the bullet The efficiency of the bullet External/environmental variables – Air Pressure – Temperature – Humidity In discussing a bullet’s speed, we’ve already covered the initial speed of the bullet, the aerodynamic efficiency of the bullet and the first of the external/environmental variables — air pressure. Now it’s time to explore temperature’s effect. Related GunDigest Articles Ballistics Basics: Addressing Air Pressure On Bullet Flight Ballistics Basics: Bullet Efficiency And Ballistic Coefficients New Rifle: Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Air Density Each of the three listed variables can change the density of the air. Simply, a bullet doesn’t travel as well through dense, thick air. In the last column, we learned that air pressure is directly related to air density — when one goes up, so does the other. More air pressure = denser air = slower bullet = lower impact on target Now it’s time to move on to temperature’s role. Temperature affects a bullet’s speed in two ways: The ambient air temperature plays a role in the air’s pressure, and the temperature of your cartridge — more accurately, the temperature of the powder in your cartridge — will cause varying velocities. Ambient Air Temperature Ambient air temperature has an inverse effect on air’s density. As the air’s temperature increases, its density decreases. This can create a balancing effect of changing altitudes. Typically, when you go higher in altitude, the air pressure decreases (all else being equal). However, the higher you go, the temperature also typically drops. Therefore, increased elevation will likely cause less air pressure (resulting in a faster bullet through less dense air), but it will also cause lower temperatures (resulting in a slower bullet through more dense air). The point at which these two variables “cancel” each other out is different for each bullet and velocity combination. As we’ll cover in the next column on humidity, there is a universal figure that we can use that takes all three of these environmental variables into account.

MR9 Eagle By Magnum Research: A Top Ten 9mm Handgun

Advertisment When it comes to striker-fired polymer-framed pistols, we don’t see a lot of interesting variations, but the ones we do see are usually top ten 9mm handguns. The Glock format of partially cocked striker-fired designs that aren’t precisely DAO or SAO models is pretty much the standard. Outside of Glock, we see designs like this from FN, HK, Ruger, and quite a few more all follow this design. It works, but is the end all be all of the striker-fired models? Magnum Research MR9 Eagle Walther certainly doesn’t think so, and they produced the original P99 design. This P99 design has been widely licensed and used by numerous companies and countries. This particular design was picked up by Magnum Research, the famed creator of the Desert Eagle. Walther partnered with Magnum Research for this specific gun and brought the P99 trigger system to the new MR9 Eagle handgun. Walther is the company that produces the frame for the gun, and Magnum Research provides the slide and barrel assembly. The famed striker-fired system is one of the few DA/SA striker-fired designs. DA/SA designs are most commonly reserved for hammer-fired handguns and were popularized by the CZ 75, SIG P series, and S&W Third Generation guns. This model uses the same idea, but with a striker-fired system. Contents Specifications The Trigger Fit and Finish Ergonomics and Grip Design On the Range Accuracy Recoil and Control Reliability Grips and Complaints Parting Shots… Handguns Up To 40% Off! Beretta, Bersa, Browning, and More! Specifications The MR9 Eagle is a mid-sized gun that’s roughly the same size as a Glock 19. It’s designed to be a gun that sits in an exciting space. While it’s larger than most concealed carry guns, it’s still lightweight and easy to conceal. The weapon itself is large enough to have a respectable capacity and to be easy to shoot. It would work well for home defense, as well. The gun is equipped with a proper Picatinny rail as well. The original P99 had a rail that was compatible with most Picatinny accessories but wasn’t precisely an in-spec rail. The MR9 has a standardized rail that makes it easy to attach lights like the TLR-1 from Streamlight or even the form-fitting TLR-7. Caliber – 9mm Capacity – 15 rounds Barrel Length – 4 inches Overall Length – 7.13 inches Height – 5.31 inches Slide Width – 1.28 inches Weight – 24.8 ounces Magnum Research MR9 Eagle The Trigger The first trigger pull is a long and heavy one after the weapon fires subsequent shots in single action. The single-action trigger is remarkably light and brilliant, but we’ll talk a little more on that later. The weapon also has a decocker that allows you to place the gun back into double-action mode. There is also the Anti-stress mode. The anti-stress trigger is designed to give the weight of a single action trigger with the Length of pull of a double-action trigger. The anti-stress trigger is also a two-stage design. The first stage clicks by effortlessly, leaving you with the traditional single-action trigger weight and pull. This anti-stress mode was made for police and military officers to give them a more significant margin of error when they draw their weapons. This system was to reduce the likelihood of a negligent discharge. This added feature definitely makes this gun a top ten 9mm handgun contender. I belie in just keeping your finger off the trigger. Call me old school, I guess. The decocker is a large button on the slide that is quick and easy to use and very responsive. There is no doubt that the trigger is decocked when the button is pressed. Fit and Finish The slide is gorgeous stainless steel and looks very nice. I’m a sucker for stainless steel, and the MR9 is a beautiful gun. The design sets you up for an attractive two-tone look that is distinguished in a world of black polymer pistols, one reason as to why this firearm is a top ten 9mm handgun? The slide is marked with MR9 Eagle, as well as the location the gun was made, and on the opposite side, we have Magnum Research. I typically prefer minimal markings on my weapons. While these are the billboard that Taurus provides, they are still very noticeable, and the contrasting fonts isn’t that appealing to me. The polymer grip looks excellent and is distinguished from the P99 grip with different texturing. The molding marks are nearly invisible, and Walther does take their time to ensure the proper fit and finish of every piece. In a world where most striker-fired polymer frame pistols all seem to look and function alike, the MR9 stands apart as something unique. Ergonomics and Grip Design The people at Walther are absolute champs when it comes to grip design, catapulting this firearm to top ten 9mm handguns. Magnum Research was wise to allow them to design and produce the grip. I like to joke that Walther makes grips for people who have hands because they fit like a glove. Compared to a company like Glock, Magnum Research has an absolutely fantastic grip which is another reason we have a top ten 9mm firearm on our hands. The rear of the grip has an excellent palm swell that helps the grip feel less blocky and more form-fitting. The front of the grip has slight contours that accommodate the hand. The MR9 comes with three interchangeable backstraps. I utilize the medium grip, but there is also a small and large rear grip adapter available. Magnum Research MR9 Eagle Grip Design Swapping them is simple, and you need a punch to push out a pin, swap the grips and put the pin back in. The sides of the grip are scalloped to allow your hand to conform to the grip and allows comfortable placement of thumb and trigger finger. The grip and trigger guard work together with a high undercut to allow for a high grip on the gun. When we move on to ergonomics, the first thing we need to mention is the magazine release. You are either going to love it or hate it. It’s located on the trigger guard, and to activate it, you push it downwards. It is completely ambidextrous and to me, very simple and easy to use. With my right hand, I can activate it with both my trigger finger and thumb. If you are used to a button, it will be a significant change, but to me, it’s more intuitive and more comfortable to activate. I can release the magazine without having to shift my hand. It’s quicker, and dare I say easier. To become proficient with this system, you do have to practice, and possibly retrain your habits, but it is easy to master both systems. The gun lacks any manual safety, and that’s a good thing. The AS trigger and double-action design makes it plenty safe, which is to be expected for a top ten 9mm handgun . The slide lock is well-positioned. I typically have trouble with my fat thumbs resting on the slide lock while firing, often rendering it inoperable. The MR9 ’s slide lock is placed far enough forward that it functions correctly. I do have one ergonomic complaint, and it’s the serrations the MR9 has on the rear of its slide. These serrations are super shallow and very short. They can be challenging to grasp, and this makes racking the gun more difficult. The weak grip will be felt by shooters with reduced hand strength the most. On the Range Let’s go ahead and talk about that trigger . The DA/SA design makes it unique enough, but Magnum Research and Walther have ensured you are getting more than just an exceptional trigger. You are getting a damn good one. The double-action trigger is easily one of the most refined and well-made double-action triggers out there. It’s a hefty 8 pounds, and the pull is quite long, but man, oh man, is it a smooth trigger. It glides rearward and is easy to control. The key to accurate shooting is a good sight picture and then pulling the trigger without disturbing that sight picture. That’s very easy to do with the MR9, even in double-action mode. The double-action is remarkably smooth, and one of the best production double-action triggers out there. The single-action is just as impressive. It’s superbly light and short. The trigger is flawless as far as I’m concerned. I have a custom trigger from Cajun Gunworks in one of my CZ’s, and this trigger feels as good as my expensive custom trigger. The single-action trigger will serve as an excellent aid in shooting accurately, especially at longer ranges. Outside of making tiny groups possible, it’s straightforward to shoot rapidly and accurately. The single-action trigger is so short that you can shoot scary fast with it with a little practice. Once you learn the reset and how to work it, you can spit lead at a crazy accurate rate. Pulling off double taps, failure to stop drills, as well as rapid-fire headshots is very doable with this excellent trigger. The single-action reset is delightfully short, and it features a very audible and tactile reset that is hard to beat. Accuracy As I mentioned before, the weapon’s trigger is an excellent feature for accurate shooting. The barrel is cold hammer-forged, and that’s an impressive feature to have in such an affordable handgun. The rear sight is adjustable, and the gun comes with several front sights to compensate for elevation changes. With a little time and experimentation, you can make this a very accurate gun at a variety of ranges which is another reason to add this firearm to your list of top ten 9mm handguns. At 25 yards, I can still make accurate and small groups into the head of a target. At 50 yards, I can ring a 21-inch tall steel popper the majority of times I shoot at it. 3 out of 5 is my lowest score at 50 yards. Beyond that and we are trying to extend the range of what a handgun can do. Recoil and Control Speaking of shooting quickly, one of the main factors in accurate and rapid shooting is how easy a gun is too control. The MR9 is very easy to manage, and the full-sized grip and 9mm chambering mean recoil is minimal. Keeping the muzzle and sights on target is simple, and when this comes to combat, shooting, the MR9 shines. It’s effortless to control, and you can drive the gun and swap between areas of a target or targets themselves. The MR9 points very naturally, and you can direct fire between multiple targets very swiftly. I executed a Box Drill on two targets from the draw in under 4 seconds. A box drill is six shots total on two targets and includes two headshots. I did this drill cold with little practice and placed every shot accurately in very little time. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy this gun handles. Magnum Research MR9 Eagle It’s a weapon I like when teaching new shooters. It’s small enough that the grip is comfortable in most small hands, and the recoil is very mild. The gun’s light trigger is also easy to teach trigger control with. The accuracy of the gun is impressive, and that will often help new shooters develop confidence, once again producing a top ten 9mm handgun. That light trigger also serves an essential purpose and teaches students that a firearm can go off very quickly if your finger isn’t straight and off the trigger. Reliability The deciding factor for nay gun can be how often it chokes, and with the MR9 , I’ve only had it choke once in my nearly three years of ownership. It failed to extract a steel-cased round. Steel ammo is cheap ammo, and all it took was a tap, rack, bang to fix. This type of reliability adds to the fact that this is a topo ten 9mm handgun. Other than that, it has been an absolute champ in the reliability department. It ate steel ammo every additional time I used it, as well as typical brass cased Winchester White box. The gun goes and goes and goes. It’s not picky about being clean or well lubed. It seems to run without issue, and it keeps going even when it’s filthy dirty. After a twelve-person concealed carry class, this thing is often filthy, yet it continues to shoot without choking. While I believe weapon maintenance is important, it’s nice to know your weapon isn’t picky. Grips and Complaints As I mentioned, the serrations are small, shallow, and hard to engage. The other downside is the fact there is no way to attach a red dot optic . The presence of a decocker button makes that impossible. Those are my main and only complaints regarding just the gun. It does use P99 magazines, so those are somewhat common. The only other downside is a lack of holsters . I use the Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator, and it fits the MR9 perfectly. The Omnivore from Blackhawk is a great light bearing option too. Parting Shots… The Magnum Research MR9 is an excellent combination of German and American engineering and design. They started with the fantastic P99 pistol and pushed it forward. They made it more modular, more comfortable to handle and even better looking. The MR9 is a formidable weapon, and it’s unexpected from a company known for its big-bore pistols and revolvers. The MR9 is a unique weapon that’s not afraid to stray from the current crop of single-stack 9mms.


Many people don’t like to wear their holsters while driving their car and you may not always be able to carry your weapon as you get into, or out of your car. Considering such a plethora of situations, dedicated car holsters are a great way to stay safe on the road . Here we’ll talk about different types of car holsters and the great features available.